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affiliate marketing programs and affiliate marketing for beginners

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Do you want to start affiliate marketing?

 Not sure how to get started?

If yes, read this article.

 affiliate marketing programs

Important issues related to affiliate marketing for beginners.

First I will tell you about the meaning of affiliate marketing and then I will discuss how affiliate marketing works.


I will try for more information Let you know how to make money by referral.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people's products and

We get commission from their sales.

You may be wondering how affiliate marketing works?

There are 2 main types of affiliate marketing.

The first is the affiliate link.

Second the cookie affiliate link is not a simple link.

This affiliate link depends on your user ID, product ID and many other parameters

In your affiliate link.

Finally, you get commission from anyone who clicks on this link and makes a purchase.

Cookie also plays an important role in affiliate marketing.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link.

 The cookie is installed in the browser.

Click time and date will be saved.

Some links have a cookie duration of 30 days.

 Suppose someone clicked on your affiliate link today.

But he did not buy the product today.

However if he buys the product within 30 days, you will still get commission through affiliate link.

The longer the cookie period, the more likely you are to earn a commission.

The Amazon affiliate program is a 24 hour cookie only.

If someone buys any product within 24 hours, they will get commission through that link.

So basically, affiliate marketing works in 3 stages

The first step is to share the affiliate link on your website or blog or social media.


In the second step, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, the cookie will be stored.

In the third step, you get a commission if someone makes a purchase over a cookie period.

We promote multi-merchandise products, including Amazon, on the blog.

To start affiliate marketing, you need the following:

 Platform 1: A platform where you can place and promote affiliate links


 Platform 2: affiliate marketing tools.

 Platform 3: The affiliate network or the advertiser that gives you access to sell their products

Through their affiliate program.

First and foremost is the website.

If you have not yet created your website, you are in luck.

Because there are companies that offer great hosting. Bluehost is the best hosting and speed hosting. Which offers a 60% discount.

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The second tool you need is a link clocking plugin.

Typically, link clocking is a technique used to shorten a long affiliate URL link

And pretty much one.

In fact, the affiliate link contains the user ID and the tracking ID.

Amazon  Flipkart, Bluehost etc. are the most popular affiliate networks.


You must sign up for the bluehost networks listed above,

 Once approved, you will receive the HTML code and URL.

Copy and paste the URL into your website posts.

Use the Clocking plugin without directly affixing affiliate URLs.

It’s about affiliate marketing.

I hope you can start affiliate marketing and make money as soon as possible.

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